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Silver Rat Studios is a Boston-based indie game studio that believes in utilizing video games as interactive story-telling mediums.  Our goal is to create games in which exciting stories are told in unique, richly-populated worlds that beg the player to explore them by applying problem-solving skills and critical thought processes.


I, uh, yea, it's just me... for now.

Ron is the founder of Silver Rat.  He doesn't like writing about himself in the 3rd person, but has apparently gotten used to it.  Ron is a software engineer, but his background is not in the gaming industry, it's actually in national defense.  That might sound cool or scary depending on your personality, but he assures you it's mostly just a job.

For most of his life, Ron was just a fan of video games, finding escapes from the everyday world in fictional ones like Half-Life, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, and Star Control to name a few.  It wasn't until a solo-trip to Japan (where this photo was taken) that his love for video games collided with the desire to start his own company and the need to have a creative outlet.  As such, he's been developing Grey Block since 2016.

Ron is a pretty normal dude.  He played guitar and sang in a rock-band for a number of years.  He's an avid cook, loves to travel, and has been known to really enjoy whiskey.

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