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Silver Rat Studios

Based in Boston, MA - USA

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26th October 2022




Silver Rat Studios

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Grey Block is a 3rd-person, cinematic, stealth, puzzle/shooter game with a strong narrative that asks the player take control of Theo Church as you help him and his accomplice, fellow infiltration specialist Nikki Salzano, escape the Green Valley Psychiatric Hospital by force or by wit one fateful winter night.   As the player, you will help Theo and Nikki chart an exit through the hospital's tight security apparatus while searching for evidence of the conspiracy that resulted in your involuntary commitment by hacking computer terminals, tinkering with fuse boxes, scouring offices for paper documents, and taking pictures of items that need to be seen to be believed.

Theo Church is the victim of a massive conspiracy that was staged by his wealthy and powerful father, David Church, who had Theo committed to the Green Valley Psychiatric Hospital to "rid himself of the responsibility of his greatest failure" as Theo puts it.  David Church hired Nikki Salzano, a highly-skilled infiltration specialist with a lengthy resume of making high-profile events appear to be something they are not, to deal with Theo and make it look like an accident.

Nikki, in executing her reconnaissance on Theo, sensed that the wealthy financier may not have been honest about his son (or much at all), and instead decided to help Theo escape his father's powerful grasp. An effort that ultimately led to Theo committing a crime that served as the pretext for his involuntary commitment to the institute of which his father is a major donor to.

The world of Grey Block is one of a parallel dystopia. Around the same time in our world that funding for psychiatric care dried up, private capital sensed a unique business opportunity in the world of Grey Block. Innovation immediately flourished, the old Kirkbride-style institutions were transformed into chic, rehabilitation facilities, and a wave of novel treatments began to emerge. It was not to last though. The world in which you take control of Theo is at a point when most of the altruistic at service to the greater good have moved on, and those that remain are largely driven by material success.

Tonight, almost two years after a very public trial that severely damaged Theo's credibility, Nikki has broken into the Green Valley Hospital to help Theo escape.

Find a way out by any means necessary.


Grey Block is the debut release from Silver Rat Studios, and began development on August 30th, 2016.  It was the vision of Ron Perry who wrote, directed, and developed the game in its entirety in his spare time.

The vision of the game was consistent from the point of execution even though many details were filled in over time.  For example, the story began with an ending, and as the story matured, the world around it expanded.  Hacking and investigation features were added to the gameplay as this process unfolded, which has led to an experience of gameplay modes that seeks to achieve a high degree of immersion and player integration with the story.


GREY BLOCK Launch Trailer YouTube

GREY BLOCK Gameplay Trailer YouTube

GREY BLOCK Cinematic Trailer YouTube



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  • "a brilliant concept and there is no question about the intrigue of the storyline."

Monetization Permission

Silver Rat Studios allows for the contents of Grey Block to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Grey Block is legally & explicitly allowed by Silver Rat Studios.

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GREY BLOCK Discord Server

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About Silver Rat Studios

Silver Rat Studios is actually just one studio, and if we're being totally honest is just one individual - Ron Perry.  Ron resides in Boston, MA and is a software developer by trade, but not in the gaming industry.  In fact, Ron has never worked in the gaming industry, but has always had a passion for story-driven video games.  He is the sole developer of Silver Rat's debut release Grey Block which he spent six (6) years developing in his spare time.

Ron is particularly influenced by the games Deus Ex, Half-Life, Mass Effect, and The Last of Us.  He was a musician in a band for 12 years and enjoys writing and cooking.





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