"Church Wing. Or as it's known around here, Grey Block..."

Take control of Theo Church as you help him and his accomplice, fellow infiltration specialist Nikki Salzano, escape the Green Valley Psychiatric Hospital by force or by wit one fateful winter night.

Grey Block takes place in a parallel world where private capital stepped in to rescue the mental healthcare industry after state-funding dried up.  Theo's father, David Church, is a wealthy financier and donor to Green Valley Psychiatric where he had his son, Theo, involuntarily committed after a public incident.

On this particular night, Nikki breaks into the hospital to help Theo escape.  As the player, you will help Theo chart an exit through the hospital's tight security apparatus while searching for evidence of the conspiracy that resulted in your commitment by hacking computer terminals, tinkering with fuse boxes, and scouring offices for paper documents.

Grey Block is Silver Rat's first release and is tentatively planned for September '21