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A blog, but with a distinct lack of self-importance...

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As a disclaimer, I ask you, the reader, to understand that this, the action of openly speaking, sharing, or typing my thoughts on the vastness of the interwebs is entirely orthogonal to my being. As I type this, I have zero followers, and fully understand that I'm shouting into the void - the awkwardness is not lost on me. I also like to keep personal thoughts and opinions fairly close-hold, at least in discrete form. I was, at one time in the youth of the internet fairly open about sharing my opinions, but as the internet grew, so did (at least seemingly) the number of opinions. As such, I feel like we're now a society that has too many opinion-givers, and not enough listeners. Call it ego, self-importance, narcissism, whatever. There's a thing there that I'm sensitive to, and doing this comes awfully close to violating it.

Nevertheless, I've got a video game to promote, also maybe (hopefully) a company to build, and I've read that on the off-chance that others might like my work they'd like to hear from me. That sounds harmless to me. So, I think rather than developing screeds dedicated to a certain opinion I have or hold, my goal for this blog will be provide some insight into what, why, and how I've gone about this. I'll provide the thoughts behind my decisions, but will try my damndest to check my ego at the door.

So welcome to the Silver Rat Studios blog. My name is Ron, and you can find some sparse details about me on the "About" page. It is my hope that the content here provides a distinct benefit to any other aspiring game developers out there who start down the difficult path of indie-development, and maybe some additional insight to any of you who become fans of Silver Rat's work.


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